Documentary series

Extreme Rescue

3 x 52'
France 3

Around the world men and women are on alert. When a cry for help is received, they respond and are willing to give their lives so that others may live. From raging summer forest fires to freezing mountain storms and deep into the Arctic ocean's polar night we bring you a story about rescuers working in the worst conditions our natural world has to offer: the fire, ice and the sea.

For the fire element to this series we traveled to IDAHO, heart of the American Mid West and home to an elite group of parachute firefighters called the SMOKE JUMPERS. As the name suggests, they jump into smoke most often coming from forest fires sparked by dry lightning storms.

For ice we climbed Mt McKinley also known as Denali in Alaska, North America's highest peak. Every year around a thousand people attempt to scale its 6 200 meter summit. This is the home of the Denali National Park High Altitude Rescue Rangers; they carry out their missions on one of the oldest mountains on earth where summer temperatures can drop to – 50 degrees centigrade.

Finally for the sea we traveled to Norway on a journey from the deep sea oil platforms to Europe's Norther most Rescue helicopter base. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the rescue helicopters up here are often the only life line available to the people of the great Northern frontier. They fly in aid of people lost in the polar night and fishermen working the Barents Sea between Cape North and Spitsbergen.