Documentary series

Somewhere on Earth

40 x 52' and 40 x 26'
Since 2009
France 5

Season 2


Producer - Dominique PIPAT
Director - Laurent CADORET
Photography - Jean-Christophe CHENEAU
Editor - Scott SCHNEIDER
Sound Mixing - Jean-Christophe CARON
Narrator - Jerry DI GIACOMO
Graphics - Alexis MARTINEZ
Journalist - Anne VIRY-BABEL
Production Coordinator - Framboise ROYER-JACQUIER
Original Music - Alain BERLOTY<
Post Production - Transatlantic Vidéo / Ludovic de MAISTRE

Summary :

Somewhere on Earth is off to Brazil, where the spirit of adventure and mystery still lingers on.

Expedito and Raimondo are brothers. Their lives are inextricably linked to a legendary river: the Paraguaçu and their boat, a saveiro that looks like it's straight out of a swashbuckling adventure book.

The Lençois de Maranhenses is a bewitching sight. Only a few men live in this desert where time itself has evaporated. Joyoson is right at home in the Lençois.

Roy landed in Brazil about 30 years ago, in the Chapada Diamantina. He has become the ardent defender of a vast territory where he roams every day.