Documentary series

Somewhere on Earth

40 x 52' and 40 x 26'
Since 2009
France 5
Western Canada

Season 3


Producer - Dominique PIPAT
Director - Scott SCHNEIDER
Photography - Manuel BLANCHE
Editor - Cécile LECANTE
Sound Mixing - Jean-Christophe CARON
Narrator - Jerry DI GIACOMO
Graphics - Alexis MARTINEZ
Journalist - Anne VIRY-BABEL
Production Coordinator - Framboise ROYER-JACQUIER
Original Music - Christophe HENROTTE
Post Production - Transatlantic Vidéo / Ludovic de MAISTRE

Summary :

Somewhere on Earth sets out to discover Western Canada.

Marcelle loves the cold and wide-open spaces. She lives in Yukon, the legendary land of trappers and gold diggers. On these vast, frozen and uninhabited stretches, Marcelle lives out her passion – sled dog racing.

In western British Columbia, land meets water in the Broughton Archipelago. This is where Nikki - who one fine day decided to live in total harmony with nature - has settled. The incredible character-forging exercise in survival, quite simply changed her life.

Amidst these mountains, Michael has found the vast stretches he was seeking to express his way of life. For him, cross-country skiing is the ultimate expression on his journey of self-discovery. He travels all alone in this wild climate, climbing mountains.