Documentary series

Somewhere on Earth

40 x 52' and 40 x 26'
Since 2009
France 5
New Mexico

Season 5


Producer - Dominique PIPAT
Director - Scott SCHNEIDER
Photography - Manuel BLANCHE
Editor - Thibaut DONCKER
Sound Mixing - Jean-Christophe CARON
Narrator - Jerry DI GIACOMO
Graphics - Seed Factory / Alexis MARTINEZ
Journalists - Anne VIRY-BABEL / Anne-Elisabeth LOZANO
Production Coordinator - Framboise ROYER-JACQUIER
Original Music - Frank WILLIAMS / Benoît DANIEL / Olivier BODIN
Post Production - Transatlantic Vidéo / Ludovic de MAISTRE

Summary :

Somewhere on Earth is headed for New Mexico, the 5th largest state of the USA. With barely 1% of the population, it is one of the country’s most sparsely populated regions. Situated between Texas and Arizona, New Mexico is a wide-open land of desert and mountain.

Sarah grew up in Taos on the banks of the legendary Rio Grande. She is a devoted fan of this river, where she spends most of her time on her favorite activity, white water kayaking. She lives the free and simple existence of those who have found their way in life.

James lives on the cusp of speed, risk and fear. Tearing along at over 80 km/h he’s in search of the perfect balance between adrenaline and harmony. For him, skateboarding is more than an extreme sport; it is an art in itself.

Ten years ago, Kristi returned here to the ancestral Apache lands in the southern part of the state, in search of her identity. Now, she is undertaking a pilgrimage to the heart of the Indian world and thus retracing her own history.