Documentary series

Somewhere on Earth

40 x 52' and 40 x 26'
Since 2009
France 5

Season 6


Producer - Dominique PIPAT
Director - Laurent CADORET
Photography - Manuel BLANCHE
Editor - Mathieu BRETAUD
Journalist - Anne VIRY-BABEL
Production Assistant - Candy CHEVALIER
Production Coordinator - Framboise ROYER-JACQUIER
Mixing - Christophe ROBERT
Narrator - Pierre-Alain de GARRIGUES
Graphics - Seed Factory / Alexis MARTINEZ
Original Music - Frank WILLIAMS / Benoît DANIEL / Olivier BODIN
    / Christophe HENROTTE / Alain BERLOTY
Post Production / Transatlantic Vidéo / Françoise DUBUISSON

Summary :

Sometimes the ocean needs to blow off steam. Off the point of Brittany in western France, the sea flexes its muscles with a harsh beauty. Fascinated by this impressive display, one could almost forget the danger. Storms are spellbinding; a wild fantasy for land dwellers; a tragic menace for sailors. The fishermen of the tumultuous of Raz de Sein are both humble and brave in their pursuit of their noble prey. Others, intrepid storm hunters, track the bad weather and huge waves as they push themselves to their limit in their never-ending search for the absolute.

The Raz de Sein is a passage, 6 km wide, between the Pointe du Raz and the island of Sein. For sailors, this is Brittany’s most dangerous spot, an infamous passage. Olivier Mével is an old salt of the point, a hard-headed sailor, an aristocrat of fishing. Olivier is the Captain of the Mundaka. He’s one of the few who dare tackle the waves of the Raz de Sein.

Jean Bulot is known as “Captain Storm.” He commanded a legendary boat, “l’Abeille Flandre”, a tug rescue boat capable of standing up to Brittany’s most extreme conditions to help ships in trouble. Jean is looking back on his life as a sailor and the places marked by his adventures as a rescue worker. A tireless teller of sea yarns, he has a seafarer’s gaze and “salt water” memories.

Sometimes the storms off the western tip of Brittany follow one another for days on end. While everybody else is protecting themselves from the raging weather, a handful of men eager for a rush of adrenaline head out to tackle the waves. In this corner of Finistere, Bruno André is a breed apart, ever in search of the ocean’s peaks and troughs.

Jean-René Keruzoré is a filmmaker, a stormchaser. He always has his eyes peeled in winter, his favorite season. For 10 years he’s been stalking storms, eager to capture images of Nature in its fury.

Thomas Traversa is a great windsurfer, world champion of the waves. With Thomas, windsurfing is more than a sport, it becomes choreography. A fragile dancer, he traces arabesques between sky and sea and plays with an unchained, angry ocean.