Documentary series

Somewhere on Earth

40 x 52' and 40 x 26'
Since 2009
France 5
New Caledonia

Season 7


Producer - Dominique PIPAT
Director – Laurent CADORET
Photography – Manuel BLANCHE
Submarine Photography – Jean-Michel BORE, IRD / Jérôme BODENES
Editor - Scott SCHNEIDER
Journalist - Anne VIRY-BABEL
Production manager - Candy CHEVALIER
Production Coordinator – Framboise ROYER-JACQUIER
Sound Mixing – Kléber FLEURY
Narrator – Jerry DI GIACOMO
Graphics – Seed Factory/ Alexis MARTINEZ
Original Music - Frank WILLIAMS / Benoît DANIEL / Olivier BODIN / Alain BERLOTY / Christophe HENROTTE
Post Production / Transatlantic Vidéo / Françoise DUBUISSON

Summary :

New Caledonia is an extraordinary strip of land surrounded by long barrier reefs and the unfathomable Pacific Ocean. Its vast lagoon holds a wealth of secrets waiting to be discovered. Scientists in Noumea are studying the behavior of sharks; these kings of the oceans are indispensable to the equilibrium of the underwater world. Soaring over one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons and discovering the wide open spaces of this land. On the main island of Grande Terre, adventure is waiting for those who dare to live out their dreams. Lifou, in the Loyalty Islands, promises a voyage back in time to a world steeped in Kanak legends and deeply-rooted traditions.

Exploring Lifou in the Loyalty Islands means plunging into Melanesian culture in search of a lost age, and getting a glimpse of the invisible spirit of the Kanaks. Marcel Lapachas is a child of the Jokin tribe.

Oana Larue seems like she’s running on pure adrenaline. To satisfy her craving for the extreme, Oana practices freefly, a discipline of free-fall. It takes place in the fleeting moments of weightlessness just before opening the parachute.

In the tradition of Ouvea, atoll of the Loyalty Islands, the shark is an emblematic, sacred animal. It is even the ”protective totem” of several clans on the island. Just the thing to arouse Germain Boussarie’s curiosity! Ever since his childhood in the south of France he’s dreamed of living a life dedicated to the underwater world and the shark, King of the Oceans.