Patly Productions Adventure

The entire team of Patly Productions is motivated by the same love of travel, adventure, and wilderness.

The adventure of Patly Productions began in 1974, born from the ocean, from the desert, and from the inspiration of the producer Dominique Pipat.

Right from the start, Patly films were marked by the encounters with men and women whose passion changed their lives: Profession Passion.

In 1974, Dominique Pipat produced and directed his first film in Vietnam a few months before the fall of Saïgon; "The Third Force."

From 1978 – 1988 Dominique Pipat was the partner of Thierry Sabine in the Paris-Dakar Rally and together they founded Sierra Productions, to provide logistics, film footage and TV reports. Dominique Pipat participated as co-pilot in the Paris-Dakar Rally and the Atlas Rally which he won in 1985.

The adventure at sea

The Adventure at Sea began in 1979 with the famous Fastnet Race, which resulted in the film "The Fastnet Tragedy, Admiral’s Cup 1979" and reports on the America’s Cup for the French National TV, Antenne 2.

In 1980 Dominique Pipat was a crew member of Eric Tabarly on board the Paul Ricard when he set his Atlantic crossing record. That historic voyage also became a film, "The Story of a Record", which won a Sept d’Or television award. A few months later, he again sailed with Eric Tabarly on board the Pen Duick VI in the Whitbread Round the World Race, now the Volvo Ocean Race.

Baron Bich, Eric Tabarly, Alain Gabbay, Peter Blake, Jacques Perrin, Philippe Poupon, Loïck Peyron, Philippe Jeantot, Karine Fauconnier, Florence Arthaud... The America’s Cup, Whitbread, Route du Rhum, Transat Anglaise, Vendée Globe, Admiral’s Cup... a host of personalities and races that all gave birth to films.

Across sea, desert and mountain Patly has recorded more than 40 years of voyages, adventures and reports: Ushuaia, Thalassa, Zone Interdite, Les Carnets de l’Aventure...

Television series

Patly Productions has also moved into the production of full documentary series shot in the four corners of the planet: Extreme Rescue, Tales of Trees, Off the Beaten Track, Terra Incognita, Somewhere on Earth.

Since 2009 the documentary film series Somewhere on Earth has been carrying on the spirit of Patly Productions. The crews of Somewhere on Earth have transported viewers to more than 30 countries and done portraits of over 100 men and women, all of whom identify with the simple idea expressed by the sailor John MacMurphy, when we met him in the Tasmanian Sea :


"I’ve been very lucky to have traveled the world. I remember some of the spots. I would like to tell my children, you will see them as well. Some have already been laid waste; others are still intact; all of them are living on borrowed time..."